Regular types of wood wine racking in custom design

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Regular types of wood wine racking in custom design

After browsing through the wine racking catalog on Ciematic, are you looking for a good custom wooden wine racking for your lovely wine? This article will introduce the regular design types of wood wine racking, and the differences among them, so you will have a clear idea to custom the one most meet your needs.

1. Type of wood wine rack: Full racking

Full racking design should be the most standard type of wood wine racking. It divides the space into numerous cells for bottles. Each bottle is stored in separate cells, and it’s easy to take it out and put it in. Besides, the cells can be divided into zones by columns (vertical) or rows (horizontal), people can put the wine from different countries, wine villages, or years separately. On the other hand, the common cell space is only 95mm wide by 95mm high. People can only see the neck of the bottle and the labels on the bottle are hard to recognize, so you may need extra neck labels to record the wine information. You can see our case>>commercial wine racks design

Full racking

2.Type of wood wine rack: Box bin

Box bin is also commonly used in the custom wooden wine cellar. Usually, the box bin is designed at the bottom of the whole racking. People can put boxes of wine or other staff there. There are also some box bins designed in the middle of the racking, to provide space for standing wine bottles, glasses or decanters. Different usages will have different height requirements. But regularly, we will make it 400mm high or more, according to most of the wine boxes dimensions.

Box bin3.Type of wood wine rack: Display rack

There come two types of wine display racks. One is for bottle lying, and the other is for bottle leaning. Though it takes more space for a single bottle than the full racking, these display racking have a better function for showing the whole body of wine bottle and labels. Besides, bottles are displayed separately, you can take them or put them conveniently. This racking design is widely used in wine cellars and wine shops.

Display rack4.Type of wood wine rack: Double-cross

Double-cross wine rack or called “star” shape bin is a regular racking design but not very commonly used. Because double cross bin will usually take a lot of space and for those small wine racking, it doesn’t look nice with it. Besides, the bottles are piled above another, so it is not very convenient to take a particular bottle out from the others. Like the full racking, bottle labels in double-cross wine rack is invisible, so extra neck labels are needed. On the other hand, a double-cross bin saves more space and it stores more bottles than other racking types. For wine-lovers who have many bottles of the same wine may need this design.

Double-cross5.Type of wood wine rack: Diamond bin

The diamond bin is a design that looks similar to the double-cross bin. To make a diamond bin in your wine racking, you should have the space wider than 1 meter, so the bin will look nicer. Each diamond in the bin can be as small as a cell in standard racking, or as big as space which is enough for 16 bottles. It is also negative for checking the wine labels, so extra neck labels on the bottles or nameplates on the racking are good for storage arrangement.

Diamond bin6.Type of wood wine rack: Arch

Arch is a regular wine racking design, but it’s not widely used since it’s more for display, not storage. We put the arch on the eye-level and in the center of the whole wine cellar, so when people go inside will see the arch directly. The owner can put wine, glasses, decanters, and ornaments here.

Drawer & cabinets

7.Type of wood wine rack: Drawer & cabinets

Other designs like drawers, cabinets, crown molding, LED lighting and so-on are similar to other cabinetry, people can put them into wine racking if they need it.
If you need more suggestions for your custom another type of wooden wine rack, all of us in Ciematic team are glad to provide our professional service to you. You can click and view more about our products & project case.

*And please notice that the racking design above is all for the standard bottles of 750ml. If you need racking for other sizes, such as 375ml, or 1.5L, the sizes of racking will be adjusted accordingly. Please don’t forget to tell us when custom your ideal wine racking.

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