Classical wine cellar made from solid wood

Classical wine cellar made from solid wood

The project case we introduced here is a classical wine rack made from solid wood.


As a private wine cellar, this one is on a medium scale. The complete set of the wine cellar rack and Rome columns is fixed around the wall. In the middle, an island as a wine tasting table is needed.

2. Classic wine cellar design

This is a classic wine cellar, and owners need functions of wine tasting and gathering, so we don’t put many racks here to increase the capacity, but design it to have more space for wine display and decorations. Besides, there are spotlights fixed in the rack to make the rack bright enough to show the wines inside. For the island, there is space for under counter wine fridge and marble top (the images are taken when assembling, and the top and lighting are not fixed yet).

Different from the modern wine racks, the classic wine rack is more like wine a cabinet, and it’s not hollowed out. In modern racks, there are wood sticks acted as side support, and there is usually no back panel. But in classical racks, the side panels and backboard are solid and connected to each other like a box. In this case, more wine rack design materials are used for the classical one, so the price of classical wine rack is more than the modern one, let alone the wood carving and decoration.

3.Model reference

About the classic wine cellar, we list some models which are similar to them, maybe you would have interests in them:

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