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Oak wood wine cellar rack for Australian client

James is running his wine cellar design studio in Australia for years. In October of 2019, he ordered a set of black-painted oak wood wine cellar rack from us. This is an oak wood wine cellar of about 3 meters by 2.2 meters. The cellar owners request us to use oak wood and paint the racks in black with gloss. In [...]


The wine cellar maintenance of solid wood wine rack

For wine cellar racking, wine cellar maintenance and cleaning are important for cellar management. Below are some tips for maintenance. 1. Wine classification storage Wine should be classified and stored in different areas, to distinguish the table wine and wine for long-term storage check to make to measure wood wine cellar CR091 2. Keep racking dim The environment of racking should keep dim and [...]


Classical wine cellar made from solid wood

The project case we introduced here is a classical wine rack made from solid wood. 1.Layout As a private wine cellar, this one is on a medium scale. The complete set of the wine cellar rack and Rome columns is fixed around the wall. In the middle, an island as a wine tasting table is needed. 2. Classic wine cellar design This is [...]

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