Case study: liquor store display rack for Raymond

Case study: liquor store display rack for Raymond

At the end of 2018, Raymond, a wine wholesaler, open his new liquor and wine store in the downtown. For it, he orders a set of solid wood wine racks from us for displaying his wines. This liquor store display rack is more like the wine racks in the private cellars. Completely symmetric racks go along with three walls, and the middle is the focal part. All the racks and molding are made from stained oak wood.

Most of the liquor store displays look like the shelves in grocery stores. When we ask Raymond why he prefers customized solid wood wine rack, he answers that a big group of his clients will not only purchase table wines but also collect and store some potential wines for aging. And the beginners don’t know much about wine cellar and wine racks. This set of wine racks is a sample for them. And this will also become a nice place for wine tasting and chatting. Raymond joked, “when they built the wine racks in house, they will want to fill the racks fully, and come to me for wines and liquors unconsciously and frequently.”

We visited Raymond again when the installers are fixing the wine racks. Raymond welcome us and he was satisfied with the racks. He promised us that, if his clients are looking for a wine rack supplier, he will recommend us.

This solid wood liquor store display rack is more suitable to the vintage or classical interior style. For fashion and fancy style, a simple display rack with light will look nicer.

If you have more ideas about it, welcome to share with us in the textbox below. If you are looking for a liquor store display rack right now, feel free to tell us more about it, we will reply to you in 24 hours. And you may have a special discount for it.

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