Oak wood wine cellar rack for Australian client

Oak wood wine cellar rack for Australian client

James is running his wine cellar design studio in Australia for years. In October of 2019, he ordered a set of black-painted oak wood wine cellar rack from us.

This is an oak wood wine cellar of about 3 meters by 2.2 meters. The cellar owners request us to use oak wood and paint the racks in black with gloss.

In fact, because of the natural pattern of solid wood, the surface of solid wood is very difficult to make an extremely high glossy like lacquer paint material. To make sure the black color client needs, we make two color samples with different degree of gloss and send to James for confirmation. In some cases, clients are hard to distinguish the actual wood colors through images, just to be sure, we will prepare color options for confirmation.

This oak wood wine cellar is for private but not a business, so in this custom oak wood wine cellar design, we agree to make it very simple: full racking with box bin in the bottom and a diamond bin in the middle.

If you also plan a cellar in a similar size, for your reference, the capacity of this design is around 1300 bottles (750ml) maximum.

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