Private wine cellar in Australia

Private wine cellar in Australia

Australia is not only an up-rising wine area in the Southern Hemisphere but also a country with more and more professional wine collectors.

For these wine collectors with private wine cellars, wine has become an important part of their lives. Not like the common wine-lovers, they will have more wine in storage, and focus more on the storage conditions which have the benefit to wine aging.

This private wine cellar is changed from basement storage, considering the old wine racking is not enough to store all the collected wine. After the cooling system was fixed completely, the owner consults us with the racking materials and design.

The whole private wine cellar racking is required to use non-stained red cedar, which is widely used for wine racking in Australia and has a unique natural fragrant.

In the final design, space is fully used from bottom to ceiling. There is a full racking design combined with a diamond bin, which allow most of the bottles of wine to have its own rooms and also gain a larger capacity. Besides, box bins underneath are best for wine boxes and other utensils.

The capacity of this wine cellar is 1,200-1,350 bottles of wine (750ml).

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