Wine barrel for Restaurant in Phnom Penh

Wine barrel for Restaurant in Phnom Penh

Wine storage furniture is not just the wine racks, but also the wine barrel-shaped cabinets. Wine barrels take up less space than wine racks, and most of them have an electric cooling system inside. They are a combination of wooden wine cabinet and electric wine fridge.

In Asia, along with the wine market and the wine purchasing raising, more wine stores open and people are more interested in wine than before. Many restaurants & hotels will have special place or cellar for wine storage, in case their clients would order it.

In the CBD in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, an owner of an upscale restaurant contact us about the wine barrel cabinets for his restaurant.

This restaurant is newly open, focusing on European cuisine and there is a place for the table wine for serving. According to the condition of the business and the interior space, they don’t need too much storage capacity, nor separated cellar for wine racking.

In this case, we recommend the wine barrels with the cooling system. It has a solid wood barrel-like appearance, nice to match the furnishing in the restaurant. In each barrel, maximum 18 bottles of wine (750ml) can be stored, the total capacity of several wine barrels is enough for him.

How do you think the wine barrel cabinet shown here? Is it suitable for you? Feel free to share your idea below. If you want more details, welcome to contact us in the right bottom textbox or through email [email protected]

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