How to choose a suitable cooling system for your wine cellar?

wine cellar cooling system use effect

How to choose a suitable cooling system for your wine cellar?

With the popularization of red wine culture and the ultimate pursuit of refined life from the public, it is no longer able to meet everyone’s need to place red wine everywhere under normal temperature.  More and more red wine lovers choose to make a room for red wine storage in the basement, under the stairs, or in a room of the villa. We call it the “wine cellar”.

The professional wine cellar consists of two parts:

  • Wine Cellar Racking
  • Wine Cellar cooling system 

Previously talked about the maintenance of solid wood wine rack in the cellar.

Wine classification storageToday, we mainly talk about the second part of wine cellar air conditioner.

We all know that the older the wine is, the more valuable it is. But if there is no suitable storage space, how can we ensure that they do not deteriorate at normal temperature? Especially opened red wine. If you love red wine very much, it’s time to get a wine cellar cooling system.

Cellar cooling equipment, also called cellar conditioner, is a professional constant temperature and humidity equipment designed for a wine cellar.

If the wine rack is the body of the wine cellar, the cooling system is the heart of the wine cellar, it shows how important it is.  According to the experience in the wine cellar industry for years, we think you should pay special attention to the following 4 points when choosing a wine cellar cooling system. cellar air conditioner aesthetic degrees

According to the different shapes of the air conditioner, it can be divided into the split machine, pipe machine, ceiling machine, and integrated machine. Later, we will write a special article to teach you to identify different machines.  Different air conditioners are different in appearance and size. You can choose invisibly or surface mounted or ceiling mounted type according to your personal preferences.

wine cellar cooling system use effect

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2. Use effect

Different types of wine have different requirements for storage temperature. The best storage temperature of red wine is 10-15 ℃, and the white wine and champagne are 10-12 ℃. The too high temperature will affect the acidity of the wine, and too low temperature will lead to locked aroma and aging.  Generally, the temperature of the cellar air conditioner is between 10-30 ℃. It is necessary to confirm the working range of temperature and humidity with your supplier when purchasing

3.Brand value

Cellar air conditioning is different from conventional room air conditioning. It takes 30 days a month and 24 hours a day. So if you don’t want to be bothered by after-sales problems, a branded cellar cooling system is a good choice.

Imported cellar air conditioner brands include wine guardian, whisper, breezier, vintage view, Cellar cool, and other brands, but breezier, whisper cool and wine guardian are the recognized brands in our industry with stable quality and professional after-sales team, as well as door-to-door installation service. If you have enough budget, an import brand of them will be a good choice for you.

If you think the imported cellar air conditioner is too expensive, the price of the Chinese cellar air conditioner is relatively affordable, and the quality is also stable, which is a good choice too.  The good brand in the industry is Airspa and Doluyo, more unknown brands are not listed here.

4. cellar cooling system price range

The price of an imported cellar air conditioner is generally higher than that of Chinese brands.  According to the different room areas, the price of different models used will vary. The price range of imported cellar air conditioner is between 6,000-15,000USD, and for Chinese ones is between 4,500-9,000USD.

In a word, a qualified cellar air conditioner can provide the most ideal storage environment for red wine. It’s not only kept fresh but also plays an indispensable role in maintaining the taste.

If you have any questions about wine cellar after reading the above tips, please feel free to contact us(email:[email protected]), our team is willing to share more professional knowledge to you.

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