The wine cellar maintenance of solid wood wine rack

Wine classification storage

The wine cellar maintenance of solid wood wine rack

For wine cellar racking, wine cellar maintenance and cleaning are important for cellar management. Below are some tips for maintenance.

1. Wine classification storage

Wine should be classified and stored in different areas, to distinguish the table wine and wine for long-term storage

2. Keep racking dim

The environment of racking should keep dim and not to use incandescent lights or fluorescent lights. The heat from incandescent light and the ultraviolet from fluorescent lights will have a bad effort on wine storage.

3. Wine cellar cooling system

The temperature and humidity should be stable. If your cellar is in the basement, the temperature would not change rapidly there, but you should do some prevention for water logging. Besides, you’d better have special equipment of humidity control for cellar space ideal wine storage temperature.

4. Ventilation

Cellar should have good ventilation and seasonal air exchange, to avoid the accumulation of harmful gas.

5. Use special disinfectant

Please pay attention that, to kill the harmful bacteria and mold, you should not use the common disinfectant, because those common disinfectants are also harmful to wine. You can use sulfur dioxide instead, and you should ask the specific company or well-trained persons in well protective equipment to do it since the gas of sulfur dioxide is also toxic.

wood wine rack6. Use a dry soft cloth to clean the dust

To clean the surface of racking, you’d better use a dry soft cloth to sweep the dust and clean it with a nearly dry cloth. A small vacuum cleaner is also a good idea. If your racking is painted, after cleaning, you’d better wax it regularly.

7. Don’t shake the rack often

The wine on racking should not be removed frequently, and the racking should not be moved after assembled. The shaking of racking will also affect the taste and quality of the wine. That’s why custom wine racking is more considerate and more suitable than ready-to-use products.

Above are the tips for the solid wood wine cellar maintenance. If you have other ideas or questions, feel free to leave a message to us. Ciematic is a professional custom wine racking supplier based in China, provided 100+ cellar cases worldwide in the past 5 years. Looking for future co-operation with you!

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