Melbourne wine cellar racking for collector

Melbourne wine cellar racking for collector


Wine cellar racking products have big market prospects in Melbourne. In Melbourne, Yarra valley winery is one of the most important wine areas in Australia. From Cabernet, Merlot, Shiraz, to Pinot Noir and Sangiovese, the winemakers produce varied high-quality wines every year. Many wineries of different sizes establish here and make Melbourne becomes an excellent city for wine lovers.

2.Order background

The owner of this private wine cellar is one of these enthusiastic wine lovers in Melbourne. He has collected thousands of bottles of wine and in his newly built house, he planned to have wine racking in the under-stair basement which is about 18 square meters big. He wanted a ladder wine rack built from bottom to ceiling, and surround all the walls but reserve space for walking and he also need an island in the center.

3.Wine cellar racking design

Ciematic designer discusses with the owner and shares ideas about the custom details. The capacity of this wine cellar racking is 2,100-2,300 bottles of wine (750ml)

All the racking and panels are made by non-stained red cedar. Consideredly, we design a diamond bin and solid wood benchtop under the stair steps to hide the blocked blind zone. Besides, since the whole racking is 2730mm high, a wooden ladder is provided in this wine cellar racking for owners to reach the top racking. Additionally, we make rounded ends for island wine racking, which is good for people to use or passing by.

4. Delivery

Ciematic also provides shipping service. From Ciematic to Melbourne only take around 1 week on sea, and the client will receive the wine racking in 20 days!

5.Model reference

Ladder wine racks are often used in cellars that are high and with tall wine rack or cabinets. Here are some wine cellar rack models with a ladder:

If you want to custom make wine racks for your home cellar, welcome to contact us for advice or details. We will reply you in 24 hours.

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