Modern wine storage idea room in mansion

modern wine storage room idea

Modern wine storage idea room in mansion

Ciematic provides a design solution of wine cabinets to many clients. Among them, we were asked many times that, how big a room should be reserved to be a modern wine storage idea room?

If you have read some of the articles here >>How to make a wine rack? 5 steps are enough! You will understand, the size of the storage room or cellar depends on your quantity of wines and the functions you need.

As this case shows, the wine storage room is about 5 meters by 1 meter near the passage, mainly using diamond bins and display racks, which is suitable for bottles in different shapes. The overall capacity is around 600 bottles (750ml).

When you start to construct a new house, you’d better consult with your architect to plan the location of it. If you don’t have a basement, a small room beside the living room is a nice idea.

If you are not sure about how big the wine storage room is enough, contact us and we will estimate for you.

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