How to choose a wooden wine racking for home?

wood wine rack finishing

How to choose a wooden wine racking for home?

With the popularization of red wine culture and the ultimate pursuit of refined life from the public, to store red wine wherever under normal temperature is not enough to meet everyone’s needs. More and more red wine lovers make specific rooms for wine storage, maybe in the basement, under the stairs, or in a room of the villa. We call them the “wine cellar”.


The professional wine cellar consists of two parts.


Wine Cellar Racking

Wine Cellar Air conditioner

Here, we mainly talk about the first part Wine Cellar Racking, and tell you how to choose a high-quality wooden wine racking.

wooden wine racking

  1. A high-quality wooden wine racking must be made of good materials.

The common kinds of wood to make wine cellar racking are pine, western red cedar, redwood, beech, oak, and walnut, etc. Which is the right one among these materials? Let’s divide them into two categories – softwood and hardwood – and know more.


Softwoods: less density, lightweight and convenience in both transportation and on-site installation are their biggest characteristics. Besides, the relative price is affordable. For the wine lovers who don’t have a high budget or will renovate their houses from time to time, the softwood wine cellar racking is a good choice. Among the woods mentioned above, pine, western red cedar, and redwood belong to this category.


Hardwood: solid and durable, with higher density, rich color and texture, it’s easier to be reprocessed and molded, but not easy to change shape. Its cost is more expensive comparing with softwood. Among the woods mentioned above, oak, walnut and beech are hardwood.


You may be confused whether softwood or hardwood is better. We don’t have a strict answer for you. Both softwood and hardwood have different characteristics. You’d make the selection according to your budget and texture preferences. The most suitable one is the best. If only from the perspective of material strength and quality, the oak from hardwood, and the western red cedar and redwood from softwoods are the ones chosen by 90% of wine lovers.


wooden wine racking finishing

  1. A good wooden wine racking should have good finishing.

From the perspective of production technology and structure, the cellars produced by many suppliers in the United States and Australia may have exquisite materials, but they all use simple nailing structure, which greatly reduces the stability and aesthetics. In contrast, our company always insist on 100% hand-made, with the traditional mortise and tenon structure connection, which can well maintain the consistency and integrity of materials from the surface, without any visible nails.


In addition, many low-end manual workshops now make square heads, but what we make are round heads. Round heads are better to avoid scratching the wine labels, and its appearance is comfortable and natural, well matching to the round shape of the wine bottle.


  1. A good wine cellar racking must be customized

Now wooden wine cellar racking is divided into two categories:


One is the standard wine racking system. Wine racking system suppliers stock bulk of ready-to-use wooden wine racking in standard sizes. Once the custom order the racking kits, they can able to arrange the delivery and assembling. It is fast and cost lower. But the wine racking system usually cannot be perfectly fitted to the cellar size. And its options are limited.


The other one is custom wine cellar racking, Ciematic is a supplier of this kind. We custom the wooden wine racking in your favorite style, color, and structure, and fitted to your cellar room. Through our design, you can maximize the use of space. The disadvantage is that the delivery period is longer. The production & service costs are higher than the standard kits.


Now you know more about the selection of wine racking. If you need suggestions or want to make your dream wine racking to a reality, click here to start, contact us.


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