A growing trend: metal wall wine rack design

Beside the wooden wine rack, metal wall wine rack is a growing trend. Made from metal (commonly black color), these simple structured wine rack naturally gets along well with the contemporary interior design, from modern to avant-garde. Wine cellar designers begin to combine the metal wine racks with the wooden racks and cabinet, or to make the cellar fully by [...]


Which are the main types of small wine cabinet for household?

The wine racks in our last few articles frequently have capacities of hundreds of bottles or more. They are for the wine collectors. Are there some small wine cabinets recommended for the people who don’t drink much, but do have several bottles of wine? Yes, of course. Below are some types of small wine cabinet recommended for living room [...]


How and where to fix the metal wall wine racks?

Metal becomes a frequently used material to make wine racks. In the furniture market or online shop, you can find various metal bottle holders and the metal wall wine racks.   Bottle holders are easy to be put on the table or inside the cabinet, while you should use screws and screwdriver to fix the metal wall wine racks. Considering the [...]


Why are most wine bottle racks hollowed?

If you have visited some wine cellars, or browse our wine rack design in product pages, you may find a common point of them: most of the wine bottle racks are hollowed, whatever it is made from wood or metal.   Why we make it hollowed? Or, rather, what are the advantages of hollowed wine bottle racks for wine, comparing to [...]


How to measure the cellar for curved wine rack?

In the last few articles, we have talked about the common sizes of different types of wine racks, and we also talked about the relationship between capacity and the dimension.   But they are all talking about the straight wine racks and cellar, how about the curved ones? If you are planning a set of curved wine racks for your round [...]


How long does it take to get custom-made wine rack from Ciematic?

As what we show you, Ciematic is an experienced custom-made wine rack supplier. We work for architects, designers, wineries, house owners and business owners, to help them to build their wine racks and cellars.We know that, a new client may have a lot of questions about our process, the material we use, the price range, etc. And this article [...]

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